Bee Together Competition 2017

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My intrepid beekeepers.

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Harvest time is the best time! Billy and Hazel sharing some fresh honey comb #BeeTogether2017

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We’re celebrating pollinators this holiday season. They’re amazing little environmental champions and essential to life on earth as we know it.

From growing gardens to planting trees, from harvesting honey to making delicious honey treats; Bee Together 2017 is all about spending time with your family and friends caring for nature’s little pollinators.

Show and tell us how you like to Bee Together with your loved ones to care for pollinators. You could win one of two Original Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6 Frame hives. 



We've had some incredible entries for our #BeeTogether2017 competition - it's wonderful to see how creative and engaged our social media communities are, and what wonderful work you are all doing to help support pollinators! We’ve had such a difficult task being restricted to choosing only our favourite TWO entries from a long list....

We would like to say a HUGE congratulations to the 2 winners of our competition. They will each receive one of our beautiful Classic Cedar 6 Frame Flow Hives.

Thank you all for participating. We love our Flow Community!

Winner #1:

Bee Together Competition 2017

 Stephen Dalton Morris in the UK, with his entry: 

"Oscar and his twin Sister were born 31/3/2009. Sadly Oscar did not survive the day. After some thought about celebrating his short life, I considered that bees represented in nature the most harmonious family that my grandchildren could relate to and remember their brother. Whenever they visit they go to Oscar’s hive and in season help to harvest the honey. A lasting tribute to Oscar and the healing power of nature."

This was their response to our email notifying them they had won:

"To simply say thank you for your email would not do it justice; we are at a loss for words to express our gratitude.
However Children are always positive and practical.
Chloe, Oscars twin sister, who is disabled, is quite certain that her brother realized it was very difficult for her to help collect honey the “Old Fashioned” way and wished to enable her to turn a magic key and have honey on tap.
Miracles do happen when you wish hard enough

We will of course send you a photo when we collect our first harvest

Kind regards

Oscar, Chloe, William and Nicholas (and Parents and grandparents)"

Winner #2:

Bee Together Competition 2017

Tracey Valach in the USA, with her 100% edible Gingerbread Flow Hive.

Check out the seed packets, and there's even an observation window (click on images below to enlarge)!

This was their response to our email notifying them they had won:

"Honestly I'm beyond excited because we added a second hive to our family in the fall and were bummed we could not invest in another flow hive!  This is HUGE since Ahna has her own baking business (Ahna Fresh) and uses local honey.  Mia created her own brand for our honey "Sweet Mia's" but we didn't get to harvest any this year (our first year!!). This flow hive means the girls can easily harvest the honey they need!

Thank you thank you from the hills of West Virginia!!

Tracey, Mikey, Ahna & Mia"