Sustainability at Flow

Flow was born of a desire to help bees and beekeepers alike, so that harvesting honey would be less of a disruption to the hive and less of an arduous task for the beekeeper.

Bees play a much greater role in our world than simply creating honey. First and foremost they are pollinators, providing fertilisation to plants and flowers. Without them, the variety of food sources - and thus animals - on earth would be far fewer. Bees are tiny environmental champions!

Here at Flow, we are inspired by bees and endeavour to take a leaf (or petal) from their book.

We strive to do business in a regenerative, ethical and sustainable manner.

This encompasses the raw materials that our products are made from, and extends to limiting waste generated by manufacturing by utilising timber offcuts and repurposing unused panels for the creation of our Pollinator House.

We work hard to ensure our timber, plastics and other materials have the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We are also proud to now be offering our first hive aimed towards solitary-nesting bees, which also supports habitat protection by donating 100% of profits to environmental protection.

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