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Adding brood boxes or supers of different wood-types
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There is a small variance in the thickness of timber between our Western Red Cedar and Araucaria products – this means mixing brood boxes or supers of different timber-type may result in a minor overhang of up to 5mm.

Although this gap should not be significant enough to allow bees to escape, the boxes will not sit completely flush with each other.

This should not impair the functionality of the hive as the internal dimensions should still align – it is best to centre the brood boxes so that only a small overhang will appear on all sides rather than on just one panel.

It is important to note when using brood boxes with different timber types, that there can be an issue with applying a roof of a different timber type directly onto a nonmatching brood box. This can be overcome when adding a second brood box to a Flow Hive created from a different timber source, by placing it under the matching brood box rather than above it.

We have many Flow beekeepers who choose to mix-and-match Flow Western Red Cedar and Araucaria brood boxes and supers, without any qualms.

Please contact our customer support team for clarification on sizing if you are concerned about product compatibility.