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Flow Frame Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage
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The Flow Frames should not need cleaning while they are located inside the hive.

Provided your colony is free from pests and diseases, the bees do a great job of cleaning out the honeycomb cells after harvest and preparing them for refilling.

The Honey Trough at the bottom of the frame is designed so that any honey remaining after harvest can drip back into the hive for the bees to use. If the honey leak-back gap remains clear this works well; however, bees do have a tendency to seal small spaces with propolis so it is not unusual for the leak-back gap to become blocked resulting in a small build up if honey in the trough.

This can be easily remedied by clearing out the leak-back gap. It’s a good idea to clear the leak-back gap prior to harvest and inspect the honey trough. If the honey trough is dirty it can be cleaned from outside the hive using a bottle brush or something similar.

Flow Frame Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage

Removing Flow Frames from your hive

If you remove the Flow Frames from the hive, it is a good idea to remove any residual honey before you store them.

To do this, set the Flow Comb to ‘cell open’ position and rinse in hot water  (no hotter than 70 Celsius /160 Fahrenheit). Once the honey has been removed, allow the frames to dry thoroughly before storage.
Please note, this process will not remove all the wax and propolis from the frames.

If there are any wax moth eggs present in the wax comb, this can result in an infestation on frames while in storage.

This is messy but will not damage the Flow Frames.

To help prevent wax moth infestation, seal rinsed and dried Flow Frames in plastic to avoid reinfestation, then place in a freezer overnight. This will destroy any eggs or larvae present in the wax.

Store your Flow Frames in a dark, cool and dry location. Flow Frames are UV sensitive and should not be exposed to light for extended periods.

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