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Do I need to clean the Flow Frames?
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Apart from the trough at the bottom, you don't need to clean Flow Frames unless you detect disease in them.  You will need experienced beekeepers to give you advice on disease prevention and response for your area.

The plug for the honey collection trough is designed with tiny grooves that allow a bee lick up any residue honey that collects behind the plug. Sometimes the bees block these grooves with propolis (a resin bees use to plug any holes in the hive) but it is easy to clean this out by removing the plug. We haven’t experienced propolis build-up in the frames themselves.

Some cleaning tips from Flow beekeepers:

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Amazing Except for a little propolis on the edges, all six flowhive frames have been completely cleaned by the bees! Since the bees have ample honey stores to get through the winter, we took the flow honey super off after harvesting, and set it out in the backyard. Within ten days the bees had recovered all of the leftover honey and wax, leaving the frames clean and ready to store until next spring. Beautiful! #rogsquad #wagehope #looktothefuture #honeybees #flowhive #sterile #honey #bees #beekeeping #bee #winterprep #propolis #california #norcal #mtdiablo #backyardbeekeeping #backyardbees #savethebees #readyforwinter #godsbeauty