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Flow Frame sterilisation / irradiation / disease control
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Heat treatment: Flow Frames can handle hot water up to 70˚C.  

Chemical treatment: The plastics chosen have good chemical resistance. We will be testing various chemicals to evaluate this soon.

Irradiation: We have tested the Flow Frames with multiple doses of 15kGy gamma rays. We found that 1 dose had minimal effect while 2 doses made the plastic significantly more brittle. We have also discovered that some Irradiation facilities use beehives as 'Gap Filler' in larger loads. This means a single round may expose your frames to more than 40 kGy.
What you should do when treating with irradiation:
Flow frames should only be exposed to a single dose of 15 kGy irradiation. If you need to send your Flow frames for irradiation please mark them clearly for future reference. In addition, you should contact the irradiation facility and explain that due to the plastic in your frames you require a dose as close to 15 kGy as possible. Discuss this with them and clearly label your package before sending.

If you would like to ask us more about sterilising the Flow Frames feel free to discuss on the forum