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How do I get bees?
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Bees rarely find their way into empty beehive boxes, even though they are designed to be a perfect home for them. There are a number of ways of starting a colony and you should read more than this small overview to learn all that is involved.

A small nuc (nucleus) hive can be bought from beekeeping suppliers in most countries (for Australia see: A nuc consists of four or five frames of brood and honey along with a few thousand bees, including a queen bee. You buy these in the Spring, then place them in a standard box with a divider which can be removed as the colony expands.

An alternative to a nuc is to purchase a package of bees. The package consists of several thousand bees and a queen, but does not include frames. In most countries you have to pick up your packaged bees from a supplier, in some places your bees can get posted in the mail. You tip package of bees into your brood or nuc box and nurture them as they build their colony.

A third option is to catch a swarm. For this you need an experienced beekeeper or bee association member who would be happy to set you up with a swarm when they catch one.

In all cases, once the bees are established and have built up their numbers you can add the Flow Super.

There’s plenty of information on bees on the internet, try our community forum and search the web. We'll be adding more information, videos and resources to our website ongoingly.

Capturing a Swarm

Cedar and some of the Flow Staff catch a swarm at Flow HQ in Byron Bay, Australia