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How much honey comes out of a Flow Hive or Super?
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When the Flow Super is full, you can expect to harvest approximately 3 kg (6.5 lb) per Flow Frame (even more if the bees really build each frame out). The Flow Hive Classic 6 comes with 6 Flow Frames, giving up to 18 kg (39 lb) of fresh, unfiltered honey.

If you have one of our 7 frame Flow Supers, then you can expect to harvest approximately 20 kg (44 lbs) when every frame is full.

The amount of honey for harvesting depends on many factors, including hive strength, local climate and available forage. With a good Nectar Flow it is possible to harvest from a full super multiple times in one season. It is not uncommon to have very different results from hives kept at the same location and even within the same hive annually compared to previous years.

When harvesting it's important to remember to leave enough honey stores for your colony to see them through the winter.