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How much honey & honeycomb does the Flow Hive Hybrid 3 produce?
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How much honey & honeycomb does the Flow Hive Hybrid 3 produce?

The amount of honey your hive will produce is dependent on several factors, such as the strength of the colony, time of year, and available forage, however, when the super is full you can collect up to 9 kgs (20 lb) of Flow harvested honey from the 3 Flow Frames in the Super. This is in addition to the 4 x frames of honeycomb that you can also harvest.

Each Flow Frame holds approximately 3 kg (6.5 lb) of raw, unprocessed honey—this can increase if the bees really build out each frame. Be prepared with extra jars in case your first one overflows!

Watch as fresh, pure unfiltered honey flows from the back of the hive directly into your own jars. No filtering, no mess.

You can also collect fresh honeycomb from the Flow Hive Hybrid (make sure you wear protective gear) —perfect as a tasty snack, or an excellent gift for friends and neighbours. 

Honeycomb is a favourite with children—fascinating with its perfect hexagon structure. For the big kids, try a sliver of warm honeycomb and soft goats cheese on your next mezze platter.

One of the great things about harvesting with Flow technology is that as soon as the honey is ready and capped, you can harvest, meaning that it may be possible to harvest several times throughout a nectar flow.

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