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How to collect honeycomb from your hive
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One of the greatest benefits of the Flow Hybrid is the ability to harvest both Flow honey and traditional honeycomb from the same super.

To harvest honeycomb you need to open the super– it is important to use safety precautions and equipment when doing so. Please see our Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.

First, remove the roof, and then carefully remove the traditional frame that you want to harvest.

You need to check to ensure that the frame is ready and fully capped– otherwise the moisture content in the honey may be too high, and may lead to fermentation.

Care needs to be taken move slowly and gently, or there is a real risk of damaging the comb, as well as disturbing the bees.

Once you are ready to harvest you need to remove the bees from the comb. To do this you can gently brush the bees off using a soft brush or tree branch.

When bees are removed from the frame you need to take it away from the hive to remove the comb so that bees are not attracted to the honey.

Using a small knife or a hive tool carefully remove the honeycomb from the foundation, taking care to remove it from the bottom edge so that when you add the frame back into the hive, the bees will hopefully continue to build comb again from the top foundation strip.

It is best to use foundationless frames for honeycomb harvesting, however if you do happen to use frames with foundation, you will need to be careful to not cut the wires.

It is also possible to collect honeycomb and correct uneven comb that may contain largely built out sections (which in turn affects the comb built alongside it) by carefully cutting off the section which is protruding. The same steps need to be taken for this process (removing bees from the frame etc). Just cut off the section which is sticking out and replace the comb back into the hive.