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If I haven’t kept bees before should I get a Flow Hive?
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Yes, beekeeping is a wonderful learning experience!

The Flow Hive makes extracting the honey easy. While this saves much of the work involved in keeping bees, you will still be spending time observing your bees and inspecting the hive to ensure your bees are healthy.

Keeping bees, like caring for any animal, comes with responsibilities - it’s vital to keep an eye on the health of your hives. The easiest way to learn about bees is to ask for help from experienced beekeepers. Almost every city and town in the world has beekeepers and many places have a beekeepers’ association. They can tell you if you need to register your hive and other local relevant regulations. They can also help you to get your hive started and make routine inspections for pests and diseases. This involves opening up the hive, you will need a hive tool, a smoker, a bee suit and gloves to do this.

Note: Even wearing a bee suit you are likely to get stung sometimes. You can learn more about bee sting safety and prevention here. We now have beekeeping kits for sale on our website.

We encourage you to join a local beekeepers’ group and join the online discussions at our community forum.