Frequently Asked Questions

Assembling your Flow Hive viewed 33,531 times

Download a printable PDF or watch our videos below on how to assemble your Flow Hive or Super below:

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Flow Hive & Flow Frame weights and dimensions viewed 46,014 times

Since the launch on Indiegogo, the Flow Hive has been in a constant state of evolution, with innovation at the forefront of the design process.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our product, finding and utilising sustainable timber sources and now, for the first time, we have introduced in-house timber manufacturing, allowing us to continue to find a better way.

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Can I fit the Flow frames into my existing beehives? viewed 25,158 times

Yes. We want Flow to be adaptable and as affordable as possible so we have designed it so you can use your own boxes. The Flow Frames are designed to fit Langstroth size deep boxes (although they will adapt to others) and are inserted into standard bee supers (boxes) in much the same way as standard frames. The box itself is modified by cutting two access doorways in one end. When the frames are inserted, the ends of the frames form the end of the super. This allows access to the Flow Key  and honey trough outlets and a great view into the hive.

Here are some instructions on adapting a Langstroth deep box to use Flow Frames 

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Does the Flow Super fit an 8 or 10 frame Langstroth hive? viewed 19,916 times

The Flow Frames will fit either an 8- or 10-frame Langstroth.

  • Six Flow Frames fit into a full 8-frame, deep super.

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Can I put a Flow Super on a top bar hive? viewed 12,484 times

Yes, and it will be up to you as to how to adapt and join the two. The bees should have good access to the Flow Super and therefore sense that it is part of their hive.

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Can the Flow Frames come out of the super, like the standard frames do? viewed 13,413 times

Yes. This is important for inspections and because this is how most hives in the world work. However, there is no need for this in the course of extracting the honey.

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How many Flow Supers do I need per hive? viewed 40,719 times

One Flow Super per hive is the simple answer, as you can keep tapping off the honey which gives the bees room to keep working and making more honey.

However, if you live in areas with a very high nectar flow, or if your existing beehives are particularly large, we would recommend you use two Flow Supers or more. As the Flow Hive is a new innovation, we’re interested in your feedback as to how many Flow Supers are best in your situation. Please feel welcome to share your experiences on our community forum.

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Will Flow Frames work with Warre hives? viewed 10,957 times

Yes Flow can work with any hive, as you can shorten the frames to suit any length of box, as long as they fit the depth of the hive box. It might be simplest to use Langstroth size boxes and make up an adaptor to fit one box to another.

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What are the dimensions of the Flow Frames? viewed 39,545 times

The Flow Frames are designed to fit a standard Langstroth deep super. The Flow Super has the same measurements as a Langstroth deep (8 or 10 frame) super.

The height of the Flow frame is 242mm; this perfectly fits a Langstroth deep box.

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Can I separate the three Flow Frames I’ve ordered, or are they one unit? viewed 15,986 times

The frames are modular, and are operated separately to extract honey. You could buy six Flow Frames and create two sets of three to put in the middle of two existing supers. When you put them in the middle of your super, the bees will fill these frames first, and when you drain them, they will move any honey in the outer standard frames into the Flow Frames, so you may find you don’t have to remove and extract the normal frames again.

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Do I need to install a metal strip on the back of my hive, like in the pictures? viewed 11,218 times

The metal strip does need to be installed, as it provides structural strength to the Flow Super after most of the back side is cut away. It also covers up the gap made by the rebate in the brood box below, thus blocking bees from exiting through the back of the hive. We are providing the metal strip to people who order the Flow Hive box from us. The dimensions of the metal strip will be sent out to everyone who is intending to modify their own boxes.

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UK / British Standard National hives and Flow Frames viewed 38,276 times

We are now selling UK National sized Flow Supers, see our European website here:

A UK National is shorter, wider and deeper than a Langstroth 10 frame deep. Therefore adapting them to fit together is the easiest option. If you choose this approach you will need to get a Langstroth 10 box and adapt it for Flow Frames (see videos) or buy a Flow Super.

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Modifying a Langstroth Box for Flow Frames viewed 38,603 times

The following steps are a guide to modify a standard 8- or 10-frame langstroth super box to allow you to fit Flow Frames, it should take you 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Download the full instructions as a printable PDF and view videos below:

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