Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Flow beehive cost? viewed 16,937 times

The cost of a Flow Hive starts at $499 for the Hybrid model which gives beekeepers the option to collect honeycomb in addition to delicious Flow harvested honey.

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Where can I buy Flow Hives and Flow Frames? viewed 342,432 times

If you’re considering exploring the fascinating world of bees with a Flow Hive, it’s important to ensure that you purchase a genuine Flow product from an authorised seller to avoid disappointment.

Flow products are:

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Do you ship to my country? What are the shipping rates? viewed 32,891 times

Most likely!

We ship to everywhere that we legally can, please see our shipping page for which countries we ship to now, and the cost of our Flow products.
If you are in Europe, please click here to go to our European site and add products to cart for your shipping quote.
If you are in Australia, please click here to go to our Australian website and add products to cart for your shipping quote.

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Can I pick-up locally or from Brisbane? viewed 18,358 times

We don't have any option for pick-up at the moment. We will look into this but can make no guarantees.
This is due to boxes and frames being produced at different locations.

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When is my Flow product going to be delivered? viewed 35,664 times

Please check the estimated delivery date on the confirmation email from our online shop.

You can also login to the My Account area to view all your orders and estimated shipping dates.

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