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Small hive beetle (SHB) and Flow - Can they enter and is there a need for maintenance?
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Small hive beetle is a common pest and can become a serious problem for weak or establishing colonies. We have designed the Flow Frames and Flow Hive with beetles in mind.

Beetles cannot get into the honey trough or frame movement mechanism. Unlike other plastic frames we have made sure there are no spaces created to harbour beetles.

The Flow Hive 2 has a pest management tray which can be used to apply small hive beetle traps or treatments and can also help to identify if there is an issue.

The feedback we have received from customers who have lost their colony to small hive beetles in a Flow Hive is, that the Flow Frames weren’t damaged but they did need a clean using a hot water hose. Remove the frames from the hive to do this. The water must be hot enough to melt beeswax, around 70 degrees.

To read more about small hive beetles check out our pests and diseases fact sheet here.