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  • Where can I buy Flow hive & frames / What is the price or cost? viewed 254,331 times
    Flow products are available from our online shop.
    We believe Flow to be the gentlest beekeeping system ever developed, and are so pleased that so many others feel the same way.
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  • Cleaning and Flow Frame maintenance viewed 105,521 times
    We haven't found the Flow comb itself needs cleaning if it stays in the hive - the bees do a great job of keeping it clean. If you remove Flow Frames from the hive and store them for a while they may need cleaning. You can do this by using hot water (just hot enough to melt wax, no hotter than 70 Celsius / 160 Fahrenheit). A hot water hose is good. Set the Flow comb to ‘cell open’ position, this allows the water to run quite easily through all parts of the frame.
    We have designed the honey trough at the bottom of the frame so that any remaining honey can drip back into the hive for the bees to use. If the honey leak-back gap remains clear this works well; however, if the bees block it up some honey may remain in the honey trough after harvest. Clear the leak-back gap prior to harvest and inspect the honey trough. If the honey trough is dirty it can be cleaned from outside the hive using a bottle brush or something similar.
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  • Can I use Flow Frames in cold or freezing conditions? viewed 100,819 times
    The Flow Hive was trialled in Canada by John Gates in the fall of 2014, and no issues were found regarding the cold. Bees keep the hive warm because the brood nest needs to stay around 35 degrees Celsius or 96 degrees Fahrenheit.
    In cold climates it would be recommended to harvest early and often so the possibility of crystallisation is less likely. Also read our page on Wintering Your Flow Hive.
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  • Are the Flow Frames made from BPA free plastic? viewed 82,032 times
    We share your concerns around plastics and have worked hard to find the very best food grade materials.
    The clear viewing ends of the frames, as well as the honey tube and caps, are made from a virgin food grade copolyester. The manufacturers have assured us that it's not only BPA-free, but it is not manufactured with bisphenol-S or any other bisphenol compounds.
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  • What is a Flow Hive? viewed 60,093 times
    A Flow Hive is our term for a standard beehive that has Flow frames in the honey storage part (super). A honeybee hive is usually made up of; the brood box where the queen bee lays eggs, and the ‘supers’ with honeycomb for the storage of honey. A ‘Flow Super’ is a beehive box using Flow Frames that the bees store honey in.
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