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Indiegogo Referral Rewards - August 2016

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Bee Rewarded for Sharing

One of the things we’re most proud of is the incredible community that has sprung up around our invention.

Without those of you who pledged for perks during our original campaign, we might still be two guys tinkering in a shed.

But almost as important was everyone who shared the campaign via their networks and helped us get the word out there.

As you may know, we are back on Indiegogo until Midnight August 22nd, and this time we’d like to give something back to all of you that supported us in the beginning. 

It's as easy as that!

To get your unique link make sure you are logged into Indiegogo and then visit the Flow Hive Indiegogo page.

Indiegogo Referral Rewards - August 2016

Your Rewards

For every $10 in sales linked to your referral code you will get a $1 store credit to use on (or if you are in Australia).

For example, if one person buys a Flow Hive Classic Cedar for $599 on Indiegogo using your referral link you will get a $59 store credit.

Your credit will be valid for 12 months for any of our products. A unique discount code for the total of your credit will be sent to you via email by September 5th 2016.

To keep track of your referrals simply log into your Indiegogo account and go to your profile page. You will see all of your referral sales recorded here. For further information see the official Indiegogo guide here.

Where to Share?

You can share your unique link via social media and email, or get creative and post it to your blog or online communities you are a part of. 

Remember to Bee Polite!

Please don't spam people you have no relationship with or get too pushy. Just go with the Flow :)