It's Honey Month!

Honey really is an incredible substance, with amazing variations in color and flavor.
It tells the story of the flowers from which it was foraged and is one of the sweetest rewards for your beekeeping efforts.

It's Honey Month!

Honey really is an incredible substance, with amazing variations in color and flavor.

It tells the story of the flowers from which it was foraged and is one of the sweetest rewards for your beekeeping efforts.

One hive, many flavors

We often hear feedback from customers who cannot believe how unique each Flow Hive harvest is. This is because our revolutionary system lets you harvest your honey one frame at a time. This way you can appreciate the unique flavors and subtle aromas of your local area.

Did you know that bees forage on a wide variety of flowering plants, and tend to fill cells in succession one frame at a time? This results in honeycomb frames which can look, smell and taste unique.

With Flow’s patented technology you can even harvest in small batches directly to your jar. Without the blending of conventional harvesting, you can experience the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) seasonal variations in color, flavor, and bouquet, which will reflect your specific location and seasonality of the nectar flow in your environment.

Looking for the best way to get started?

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University study shows - you really can taste the difference

A University of Queensland study has confirmed a unique difference between Flow harvested honey and commercially produced, processed honey.

The study, which was published in the Science of Food and Agriculture, found the Flow Frame extraction method yields honey with fresher, cleaner flavours than conventionally extracted honey.

Sweet facts

  • A single bee will create an average of 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey during her lifetime.

  • It takes about 2 million flower visits to create a single lb of honey.  

  • A bee can visit up to 5,000 flowers in a single day.

  • You can trace the origin of your honey by analysing the trace of pollen it contains.

  • Honeycomb is created from perfect hexagons which, of all possible structures, use the least amount of wax to yield the maximum amount of space and strength. Honeycomb weighing 0.22 pounds can support up to 8.8 pounds of honey!


Raw is better

Many of the beneficial effects of honey can be lost when it's heated or processed. Being able to harvest honey straight from the hive means you retain all the goodness of the liquid gold.

Watch this fascinating video on how bees turn nectar into honey!

How to make your honey last

Honey is hygroscopic which means it attracts water to itself – forever trying to turn back to its original form; nectar.

So how do you prevent honey from fermenting?

To turn nectar into honey, bees reduce the water content to below 20% – once the optimum level has been reached the honey is sealed with wax capping.

To ensure a long shelf-life, only harvest honey from frames with completely capped cells, otherwise, you run the risk of collecting honey that isn’t ripe.

Tips for storing your honey:

  • Make sure the jar you harvest into and your Flow Tubes are thoroughly dry.
  • A tight-fitting lid is a good barrier for keeping water out of your honey.
  • Store your harvest in a dry, dark location, away from steam and out of the sunlight.

“It’s an alchemy of flavors, that’s what cooking’s all about. And it starts with ingredients like this.”

– Gary Mehigan, Australian Masterchef

Taste the seasons

It’s fair to say that after ten seasons as co-host and judge on MasterChef Australia, and decades of experience in the food industry, top restaurateur Gary Mehigan has one of the most sophisticated palates in Australia.

When he visited Flow office near Byron Bay and joined Flow Hive co-inventor Cedar Anderson in a Flow honey harvest, Gary was very impressed with the distinctive flavors and herbaceous nuances which are quickly becoming synonymous with Flow Hive honey all around the world.

Gary and Cedar quickly discovered the delightful surprise of combining different flavored honeys with herbs planted in the Flow Hive HQ garden.

You can see how much the colors (and flavors!) differ between honeys depending on available forage. All of these honeys were from just one harvest.

Why becoming a beekeeper is so important

Collecting your very own honey is an amazing bonus, however, beekeeping on its own really is one of the most rewarding hobbies.

Becoming a bee custodian and discovering the fascinating world which exists inside a bee colony holds endless rewards.

From the pollination boost to your garden, to the knowledge that you are taking part in helping to support these incredible creatures who are responsible for the health of our wild plants and food crops.

Find out how you can take steps today to help support our little environmental champions.

Host your own honey tasting

Tasting honey can be as fine an art as wine tasting, and just as fun! So how about hosting a honey tasting with your friends to show off your very own Flow Hive harvested honey.

Holding a honey tasting is a beautiful way to appreciate all the hard work done by your bees to create their liquid gold (or amber, burnt coffee or icy white). Thanks girls!
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Get started today

If you’re not sure where to begin, download our simple PDF guide to beekeeping here to get on top of it all.

We're also here to help you get up and buzzing in no time as all hive purchases come with our Bee Supported package, including dedicated email, chat, phone support, and access to our Flow Community Forums that are a hive of activity and information.

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