Meet the European Beekeeper

Introducing our beekeepers from Europe

I am super excited to let you know that the first episode from last summer's European Meet the Beekeeper filming marathon is finally ready! I spent August 2017 filming the stories of 19 wonderful Flow Hive beekeepers from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Meet the Beekeeper was born of a desire to share the amazing stories that we were hearing from our new global beekeeping community. I really hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did making them.

Happy Beekeeping,

Mirabai the bee spy (Cedar’s sister).

Meet Alan the brand new beekeeper:

Ever since I did beekeeping at school, I've been fascinated by bees and wanted to keep them.

When the Flow crowdfunding campaign was launched back in 2015 it brought back that ideation, and now thanks to the ‘magic’ of a Flow Hive I’m a beekeeper, and I have been for 18 months.

After the Flow Hive arrived, it sat in my lounge for two months, I was still in shock that this was really going to happen, and about the responsibility I was going to take on.

The day came when the brood was ready for collection and like new parents returning home with their baby, the drive was the most cautious one in my life. That afternoon I placed the fully loaded Flow brood box into its final home in our garden.

As I received the bees in September there was no harvest that year, so I spent the winter reading everything I could. The Flow Forum was a great place to learn and share my experiences.

I then spent the eight months watching over them, taking regular peeks through the observation windows to spy on my girls working away.

Fast forward a year and we were harvesting honey, (you’ll be amazed how many friends you suddenly have), but for me it’s not about the honey. It’s about the calm times I have with my bees and the part I’m playing for the environment. 

I’m intrigued by their behaviour and so are our kids. We love spending quiet time in the garden together, especially my 13-year-old daughter Robyn – she’s definitely a beekeeper in the making.

People ask me is it hard to be a beekeeper?

It’s not hard, but you do need to be always learning. My go-to for information is my local beekeeping club, the Flow Forum, and British Beekeepers Facebook page, although I have learnt that if you ask two beekeepers one question you tend to get three answers!

Check out Alan and his family in our Meet the Beekeeper series:


PS: For those who didn’t follow our USA and Australia series last year, you can watch their stories here.

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"Ask two beekeepers one question, get three answers."

At Flow, we love to hear from all kinds of beekeepers using all types of methods, but their views are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by Flow. We advise reading widely, connecting with your local beekeeping association and finding a mentor as you delve into this fascinating hobby.