Sweet money up for grabs – to help pollinators

Flow Hive Pollinator Support Program

There is nothing quite so rewarding as giving back by supporting our local community to help the environment and protect native pollinators.

We received a great response to our Pollinator House fundraiser and are now thrilled to have the opportunity to support other community projects who are working to advocate on behalf of pollinators. We are offering AU$20,000 for projects which support pollinating insects to schools, community, advocacy and NGO groups in the USA.

Sweet money up for grabs – to help pollinators

Our pilot program is only available in Australia and USA this year, but we hope to expand it to other regions in the future.

Eligible projects may include:

  • habitat restoration, rehabilitation or preservation

  • education

  • advocacy

Apply here.

The funds on offer are a result of profits raised from Flow’s 2017 limited edition pollinator house fundraiser. The pollinator houses were made by upcycling timber offcuts from Flow Hives and sold out within a week!

The pollinator house provides habitat for native pollinators including solitary bees.


“Pollinators are critical, not only to the crops we eat, but ultimately every living thing,” says Flow Hive co-inventor, Stuart Anderson.


Sweet money up for grabs – to help pollinators

“The funding is part of Flow’s commitment to business for positive purpose. It’s something small we can do to support some of the many groups already working to help the world’s 20,000 species of solitary bees and other native pollinators.”

According to the United Nations, 75 percent of crops depend on at least one of the world’s 20,000 pollinating species and 40 percent of those species face extinction.  

Submissions must be received by 28 June.

Read more about Flow commitment to business for positive purpose.

"Ask two beekeepers one question, get three answers."

At Flow, we love to hear from all kinds of beekeepers using all types of methods, but their views are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by Flow. We advise reading widely, connecting with your local beekeeping association and finding a mentor as you delve into this fascinating hobby.

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