Flow Hive at Apimondia

(Api = bees, mondia = world)

It seems like the whole world wants to know more about Flow technology! Apimondia (International Apicultural  Congress) - is a beekeeping conference where as far back as 1897, beekeepers from around the world have been gathering for knowledge sharing.

This year’s event has just wrapped in Istanbul, Turkey and our Flow Team was in official attendance with a stand at the Expo. By all reports they were run off their feet (with no time even for comfort breaks).


The stand, featuring our Flow products, enjoyed huge success. Crowds gathered 3-4 people deep to hear co-inventor Stu and the rest of our team talk about and demonstrate Flow Frame technology. We estimate we spoke to people from over 35 countries!

Flow Hive at Apimondia

Great news also for Flow Frame technology! We were excited to win another award at Apimondia. We were awarded a silver medal in the World Beekeeping Awards - Invention / Innovation category with our Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6 Frame.

As well as sharing knowledge and information for amateurs, clubs, scientists and professionals, Apimondia (International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations) promotes scientific, ecological, social and economic apicultural development internationally.

Topics included:

  • beekeeping economy

  • bee health

  • bee biology

  • pollination and bee flora

  • beekeeping technology and quality

  • apitherapy

  • beekeeping for rural development

During the event we also spoke to potential Flow distributors. This is great news - it’s a big world working with local companies will be able to reach and serve our customers even more effectively - especially in countries where English is not spoken.

Flow Hive at Apimondia

"Ask two beekeepers one question, get three answers."

At Flow, we love to hear from all kinds of beekeepers using all types of methods, but their views are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by Flow. We advise reading widely, connecting with your local beekeeping association and finding a mentor as you delve into this fascinating hobby.