University of Queensland study on Flow Hive honey

Flow Hive honey tastes “fresher” and more “floral”

Flow’s “honey on tap” harvesting technology allows for the honey flavors from individual nectar sources to shine through – much to the delight of honey connoisseurs. Consumers and apiarists are reporting that Flow honey tastes better. Now a University of Queensland study has confirmed that you really can Taste the Difference!

University of Queensland study on Flow Hive honey

According to the Flow-commissioned study “Sensory descriptive profiling of Flow honey compared to honey extracted using conventional methods”, by University of Queensland’s Drs Sandra Olarte and Heather Smyth, the Flow Frame extraction method yields honey with fresher, cleaner flavors then conventionally extracted honey.

UQ scientists took two honeys, harvested three different ways, and performed taste tests.

University of Queensland study on Flow Hive honey

University of Queensland Taste testing booths use red lighting to eliminate colour differences between samples enabling panelists to focus on the full flavour experience.

The yellow pea honey and macadamia honey were harvested using conventional methods in an electric centrifugal extractor or commercial extraction facility, or using Flow’s gentle “honey on tap” harvesting technology.

Flow honeys scored lower for less desirable characteristics such as pungency and lingering aftertaste while scoring higher when it came to yummy floral, herbaceous and citrus (bee-licious!).

The sensory analysis found that:

  • Flow Frame honeys had fresher, cleaner characters than commercial samples. Flow Frame honeys of both varieties had higher scores for floral aroma. More herbaceous aroma was present in the Flow Hive yellow pea honey samples and more citrus aroma was present in the macadamia honey.

  • The Flow Frame honey samples had the lowest scores for pungency and lingering aftertaste.

  • The commercial honey samples had more caramelised and oxidised like notes making it ‘less fresh’ overall in honeys from both floral sources.

  • The lack of freshness in commercial samples was represented by higher scores for the attribute dried fruit mix aroma and flavor in yellow pea honey, and in the macadamia honey samples by the higher scores for raisin/dark toffee aroma and flavor.

Why not conduct some citizen-science and hold your own honey tasting?

Tasting honey can be as fine an art as wine tasting, and just as fun! So how about hosting a honey tasting with your friends to show off your very own Flow Hive harvested honey. 

Holding a honey tasting is a beautiful way to appreciate all the hard work done by your bees to create their liquid gold (or amber, burnt coffee or icy white)... Thanks girls!

University of Queensland study on Flow Hive honey

Award-winning Flow Hive harvested honey

Meanwhile, Flow Hive customers who have entered their honeys into their local agricultural shows are reporting that they are winning medals and ribbons across the world.

University of Queensland study on Flow Hive honey

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