We're proudly a Certified B Corporation®

Flow’s positive purpose recognized with B Corp™ certification

We're proudly a Certified B Corporation®

BeeInventive (that’s us, the company behind Flow) is proud to announce some very exciting news!

We’re now one of only 2,595 companies in 60 countries that are a Certified B Corporation®.

Being a Certified B Corp means adhering to strong guidelines rooted in social and environmental responsibility in the running of the company – it means using the power of business for positive impact in the world.

Goals beyond the bottom line

When we started Flow back in 2015, it was important to us that we be a business that had goals beyond the bottom line. We wanted to hold ourselves to a higher standard than just making money – at Flow, every decision is made considering how we are affecting the environment, the community, our employees and our customers.

When we heard about B Lab®, we jumped at the chance to have our practices, policies and procedures assessed.

More than just doing business ethically

We're proudly a Certified B Corporation®

B Lab is the non-profit organization behind the assessment of companies applying for B Corp certification. They help guide companies make business changes to ensure their decisions consider workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment – it goes beyond just doing business in an ethical way.

During the rigorous assessment, we found that a lot of what we were doing was on the right track, but of course there was still room for improvement. B Lab worked with us to improve the way we did things to comply with the very high standards they set and ultimately become a Certified B Corporation.

It’s a big moment for us in our goal of being a business with positive purpose. Of course a business has to be profitable, but we believe there are many other factors companies should consider as they make their mark and bring their products to the world.

Beekeeping supporting community and environment

We're proudly a Certified B Corporation®

Being in the beehive business helps! Bringing more beekeepers (like you!) into the world has got to be a good thing. Bees do important work as pollinators and help people become more aware of their natural environment, in touch with nature, and the food they eat.

We hear so many amazing stories about how beekeeping has brought people together, and how honey fosters sharing, community spirit and neighborly interaction.

Big thanks to everyone on the Flow team who helped us get there and, of course, to B Lab for helping businesses make the world a better place!

Maintaining our B Corp status will challenge us to be the company we always strive to be.

If you’d like to learn more about B Corp, check out their website: bcorporation.net

"Ask two beekeepers one question, get three answers."

At Flow, we love to hear from all kinds of beekeepers using all types of methods, but their views are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by Flow. We advise reading widely, connecting with your local beekeeping association and finding a mentor as you delve into this fascinating hobby.