Beekeeping Club Support Page & Registration Form

Beekeeping Club Support Page & Registration Form

Hi! Welcome to the Beekeeping Club Flow Hive Support page.

We are happy to provide a Flow Hive 2 for your club to use in your apiary or bee yard, and a host of other support materials to help your club raise funds and engage and grow healthy beekeepers everywhere.

Please fill in the registration form for your club and we will be in touch. 

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We’ve been enjoying connecting with Beekeeping Clubs, Associations & Societies all over the world.

Club Testimonial:

“The members of Macarthur Beekeeping Association would like to thank Cedar, and the Honey Flow team for the fantastic donation of a Flow Hive to our club.  We will now have a demonstration model and an active Flow Hive in the apiary.  This is going to be added to our traditional Langstroth hives, the Top Bar and the Warre hive.  We can now support all of our members’ beekeeping needs”.

Miskell Hampton, Macarthur Beekeeping Club and ABA, NSW.


How can we support your club:

Help your Club to access a Flow Hive by:

  • Providing a donated Flow Hive 2 for the Club to use as a working hive for workshops and demonstrations in the Club’s bee yard or apiary.
  • Providing a special discount of 40% for the Club and beekeeping educators to receive a Flow Hive 2 for use in courses, classes, workshops and at stalls.  Or you can use this Hive to help raise funds for your Club by using it in a raffle, auction or as a door prize for an event.

Help raise funds and attract new members for your Club by:

  • Providing a special discount for existing and new members of 15% off on one Flow Hive 2. This incentive can help attract new membership.
  • Setting up a referral link for your members, so when 10 Flow Hives have been purchased, the Club receives a Flow Hive that can be raffled or used for as a door prize for fundraising.

Help your educational demonstrations and events with:

  • A webinar or video call from Flow Hive inventors Stuart & Cedar Anderson for a Question & Answer session at a Club event.
  • Package of hand-out materials: Bee-friendly gardening fact sheet, Welcome to Beekeeping with Flow Hive, Flow Harvest Checklist, Stickers, Pests & Diseases Sheets and more.
  • Powerpoint slides and presentation to add to your short education course on Beekeeping with Flow Hive or to help create a new course or workshop.
  • Beekeeping with Flow has attracted thousands of new people to beekeeping, and we want to support new beekeepers who want to learn from experienced beekeepers by helping them connect with a local Club.  We also wish to support existing apiarists to experience Flow.
  • Share this Flow® sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.

And other support as identified by your Club for your unique needs and ideas.

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BeeKeeping Club Checklist:

Beekeeping Club Support Page & Registration Form