How many brood boxes should I use?
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As with many beekeeping questions opinions vary on this one.

In our experience either one or two brood boxes work fine. But running a single brood box will lead to honey being stored in the Flow frames much earlier, especially the first time.

If you decide to use two brood boxes we recommend you first add the Flow Super on a single brood box. Once the colony expands and the Flow super is totally packed with bees storing honey, then add a second brood box or honey super to give the colony more space if needed. A good place to start is the Beginner Beekeeping Videos.

Remember, bees will happily live in a mailbox, wall cavity, tree hollow, a beehive with a single brood box or a beehive with multiple brood boxes. So in the end it is best to seek local knowledge and experience and make up your own mind.