Flow Hive Harvesting Checklist


When you are ready to harvest honey from your Flow Hive, have a look at the harvesting checklist below:

  • Wear a suitable protective bee suit to minimise stings.
    Check out this Flow® sponsored safety pamphlet for an introduction to beekeeping safety and first aid.

  • Ensure that the hive has a slope towards your honey outlets.
    The whole hive should have a 2.5 to 5 degree slope toward your honey outlets. You can check this with a spirit level app on your phone, or simply make sure it is visually obvious that it has a good slope towards where your jars will be placed.

  • Slide the baseboard corflute slider into the closed (top slot) position.
    The corflute slider is the plastic slider in the baseboard. It has two positions. For harvesting make sure it is in the top position. This will keep any dribbles of honey that may occur within the hive for the bees to re-use. If you have a solid bottom board, ignore this step.

  • Ensure that each frame you are harvesting is ready and that the bees have capped the cells.
    Look in the end frame view, if the cells are mostly full and capped with wax then it's a good indication the honey is  ready for harvest.

  • Are the collection tubes pointing the right way?
    The little tongue on the end of the tube goes into the frame and blocks the honey leak back point. If the tube is the wrong way around honey may flow into the hive.

  • Do you have enough jars?
    Each Flow Frame can hold up to 2.3 L /3.2 kg, (2.4qt) of honey. If you are harvesting for the first time, it may be a good idea to start with one or two frames first to make sure everything is setup right.

  • Have covers for your jars ready
    Place a cover over your jar to keep out bees or other contaminants. Some netting, kitchen cling wrap, cloth etc. can be used to cover the open honey jars while harvesting.

TIP: The Flow key may be hard to turn

To make it easier you can insert the tool part way and turn, then insert further and turn again.

Flow Hive Harvesting Checklist

Download the Harvesting Checklist as a PDF below:

Video: Harvesting Honey from a Flow Hive