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  • Bee Veil

    We've taken 33 pounds of honey in two harvests in the first three weeks of the season from just four Flow frames here in Northern California.

    It's been a wet year, so the flora is rich. It takes bees a long time to engage virgin Flow frames. But once they do, they're bringing it in!

    Our Northern California honey is light, golden, and slightly citrusy. They're getting it from blackberries, lavender, and other local plants. We're expecting more than 180 pounds our three Flow Light hives this year.

    B Kruse
    California, USA

  • Bee Veil

    Mind-blowing! It's not very often something is so revolutionary as to blow my mind. Saving 20 per cent of harvest labor is not trivial; 40 per cent is amazing; 60 per cent is revolutionary. But 95 per cent – that’s mind-boggling!

    Michael Bush – USA

    Author of "Beekeeping Naturally" and one of USA’s most famous beekeepers

The Flow Veil is a comfortable and lightweight hat with a veil attached. They are handy as a precaution for protecting your head and face when doing minor chores around your hives or giving to a friend to wear on an apiary tour. Lots of beeks love the mix of convenience and facial protection.

However BEEWARE these veils are not suitable for use when getting up close and personal with an open hive or a cranky colony.

One size fits most.

Beekeeping is a labour of love. As with all animal husbandry, it’s a pastime which requires knowledge, skill and dedication and which carries with it inherent risks. Sooner or later, all beekeepers get stung. Some people have severe allergies to bee stings, so please be aware of the potential hazards when considering whether beekeeping is right for you. Check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.


Due to a warehouse stocktake in USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA, no orders will be dispatched for approximately 7 days from 20 July 2017 - we apologise for any inconvenience.


  • Bee Veil


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