Toddler Bee Suit - Organic Cotton

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It’s not surprising that with Jarli—the world’s cutest beekeeper—on board (we might be slightly biased), we've had many inquiries on where to get one of these adorable toddler suits.

We are so pleased to now have these gorgeous Flow Toddler Bee Suits available suitable for ages up to 3 years (dependent on the size of your toddler).

Children love beekeeping, especially when using Flow technology. Our hive observation features provide a window into the fascinating world of bees, while harvesting straight from the Flow Frames allows for the exciting opportunity to taste the different honey flavours stored within each frame.

Flow Hive technology drastically reduces the chance of being stung during harvest, however, even the friendliest hive can get cranky sometimes.

Whilst sharing your beekeeping experience with children it’s important to ensure that you provide the best sting prevention possible.

These toddlers' beekeeping suits are manufactured from our highest grade, unbleached, GOTS certified organic cotton and come with lightweight ventilated gauntlet goatskin mittens ensuring your child will feel secure from head-to-toe.

Sizing chart at bottom of this page.

Children should always be supervised by an experienced adult beekeeper.


  1. Toddler Bee Suit + Mittens

• Does not include Jarli - sorry!


Our gorgeous Flow Toddlers' Bee Suits are manufactured from 100% GOTS certified organic unbleached cotton.
Elastic at the wrists and ankles help to provide the best possible sting prevention for your little beekeeper, whilst elastic stirrups at the ankles help to secure the suit around footwear.
The elastic thumb straps help to keep the wrist in position under the gloves.
The hood is secured with a robust YKK zip which crosses over at the centre front to ensure no bees can wriggle in, and contains a large O shape toggle for ease of use.
The hood also features robust rubber-coated mesh around the head, and a finer PVC coated mesh for the face to maximise protection while also providing a convenient viewing window.
Sturdy wire structural supports in the hood allow for easy moulding of the hood to best suit the head shape of each child, which also helps to keep the mesh off the face and hence the bees away.
The suit hood offers convenient sun protection, and the collar protects the neck when the hood is not in use.
The padded knees add comfort and durability to the suit, whilst 2 pockets at the front and on the hips provide space for your toddler to store other helpful tools or treasures.
Goatskin mittens accompany the suit for comfort and durability—because small fingers don't always love to wear gloves.
These mittens also contain GOTS cotton from the wrist up to the forearm, and feature elastic at the wrist plus again at the end of the gauntlet for security and to keep the mitten in position on small hands.

What bee suit size should I pick?

Bee suits are designed to be worn over normal clothing, so we recommend you factor in your child wearing their suit with additional fabric underneath.









nape to crotch 

nape to ankle hem


nape to cuff



 50cm / 20in

 82cm / 32in

 44cm / 17in

72cm / 28.5in


 52cm / 20.5in

 87cm / 34in

 46cm / 18in

 76cm / 30in


 54cm / 21.5in

 92cm / 36in

 48cm / 19in

 80cm / 31in


 56cm / 22in

 97 / 38in

 50cm / 20in

 84cm / 33in


Matches suit size 

(Sizes rounded to nearest cm/inch.)

Washing Instructions:

  • Veil: Hand wash only
  • Suit: Remove veil from suit for machine washing in cold water. Organic cotton suits can be tumble dried on low, however, we recommend to air dry in shade. All Mesh suits and hoods, do not tumble dry. No bleach.
  • Gloves: Hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry in shade. Do not tumble dry. No bleach.

Always store your Bee Suit carefully and make sure you inspect before use for any tears or bee sized gaps. To read more on care guidelines see our FAQ here.

Safety & Care

Beekeeping is a labour of love. As with all animal husbandry, it’s a pastime which requires knowledge, skill and dedication and which carries with it inherent risks. Sooner or later, all beekeepers get stung. Some people have severe allergies to bee stings, so please be aware of the potential hazards when considering whether beekeeping is right for you.

Check out this Flow-sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.

New to beekeeping and not sure where to start?

We love welcoming new beekeepers into the Flow Family and have a swarm of resources to assist you in your beekeeping journey.

Included with the purchase of any of our Flow products is support from our knowledgeable Flow team via:

  • Beginner Beekeeping Series

    This great series is free to watch, anytime at your leisure. Whether you are a newbee or an experienced beekeeper wanting to refresh your skills, our beginner beekeeping series has handy tips and information to get started on your beekeeping journey with confidence. 

  • Regular Q & A 'Facebook Live' events

    Weather permitting, the Flow team host weekly question & answer Facebook-live events. Jump online and have the opportunity to have your question answered. 

  • Support from our awesome team

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    • Email with our friendly support staff
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How generous! I have to say that we are SO impressed with your company and your products!

    My neighbor and I both have your entire set-up and so far it is working like a charm! My neighbor has done all of the ordering in the past, but we are both beginning bee keepers and you have made this so much fun and I have to say ‘easy’!


    J. Adams

    Florida, USA

  • It has been really exciting to be included in the first automatic honey-harvesting device in history. I am really proud of what the Andersons have achieved. Cedar gave me the first jar of honey ever harvested in this way and it is still in my pantry, too precious to be eaten. Congratulations, you two.

    Ric Richardson

    Australia's most successful inventor

  • Our first harvest of 2 frames. 11lbs of honey.
    We have never been so amazed at how easy it is using the flow hive.
    Filling jars with pure honey straight from the hive is not only easy but pure genius!
    No disturbing the bees and no processing of frames. We sold 25 jars to Family and Friends.
    Their astonishment of the taste was all we needed to know that we made the right decision in going with the flow hive!


    Nine Mile Falls, WA

  • Wanted to let you know how it works in the heart of europe…
    I had to wait for a long time seeing the honey coming out but it’s worth it.
    Thank’s soooo much for this fantastic innovation!

    F Bitterli