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Need a replacement or spare corflute slider for your Flow Hive Classic?

Due to a warehouse clearance, we have a limited number of our corflute sliders available at an incredible clearance price of only $1!

The corflute slider is a rectangular piece of plastic, included as part of the Flow Hive Classic Baseboard. This spare part helps to control the airflow in your hive and also to inspect debris discarded from your colony. More information on how to use your corflute slider below.

Corflute Model Compatibility:

Flow Corflute – US Cedar 6:  Flow Hive Classic US Cedar 6 (including Founding Supporter and Scratch n Dent hives).
Flow Corflute – Araucaria 6: Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 6 and Flow Hive Hybrid Araucaria 3.
Flow Corflute – Araucaria 7: Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 7.

Need help? We know it can be confusing knowing which size to select, so please contact our team if you need any assistance in choosing the correct baseboard for your existing hive.


  1. Corflute Slider

• Only compatible with Flow Hive Classic or Flow Hive Hybrid

How to use your corflute slider

The corflute slider, when placed in the top slot, is used to stop all ventilation through the mesh at the bottom of the hive, excluding the entrance. Bees will more likely stay in a box when first installed if there are no draughts from places they cannot seal up.

Once the colony is established you can increase the ventilation at the base by putting the corflute slider in the bottom slot.

The corflute slider has many potential purposes – pulling it out and observing what detritus is falling through the mesh floor gives a beekeeper an indication of the health of the hive and the degree to which pests like wax-moth, and small hive beetles are present. It can also be used as an indication of the degree of varroa infestation.


  • We've taken 33 pounds of honey in two harvests in the first three weeks of the season from just four Flow frames here in Northern California.

    It's been a wet year, so the flora is rich. It takes bees a long time to engage virgin Flow frames. But once they do, they're bringing it in!

    Our Northern California honey is light, golden, and slightly citrusy. They're getting it from blackberries, lavender, and other local plants. We're expecting more than 180 pounds our three Flow Light hives this year.

    B Kruse

    California, USA

  • I put the flow hive honey super on my hive on July 10th, 9 days ago. Much to my amazement I looked through the side window and saw that the outside comb is about 2/3 filled.
    The flow hive is a brilliant innovation, and makes producing honey incredibly easy for the beekeeper, and easy on the bees.
    A friend who looked on was in awe, and is now considering purchasing his own flow hive!


    Saskatchewan, Canada

  • All my acquaintances in the bee community said they wouldn't take to the plastic flow frames. They were wrong.


    Utah, USA

  • In 2014 I had the pleasure of testing the Flow Frames. The bees quickly accepted them and, in less than two weeks, capped 40 pounds of honey. It was quite exciting to see the first bit of honey appear at the outlet, then make its way down the tube into the jar. Mesmerising.

    John Gates

    26 years with the BC Ministry of Agriculture. Lectured throughout Canada, USA and New Zealand. Beekeeping since 1974 - Canada