Inner Cover - FH2

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7 frame – SOLD OUT. More stock coming soon.

Need a spare inner cover for your Flow Hive 2?

Compatible with the Flow Hive 2*, this inner cover is designed with a central hole should you need to feed your bees in lean times. This product also includes a convenient plug allowing you to control bee access to your roof cavity if you would like to allow them to build honeycomb in the roof.

Inner Cover Compatibility:

  • 6 frame – Flow Hive 2 Cedar / Paulownia / Araucaria 6 frame
  • 7 frame – Flow Hive 2 Cedar / Araucaria 7 frame

*Flow Hive 2 Inner Cover is narrower than the Classic Inner Cover. It is still possible to use this product with a Classic Flow Hive, however, this product is 3mm narrower and will not sit flush.

Need help? We know it can be confusing knowing which size to select, so please contact our team if you need any assistance in choosing the correct inner cover for your existing hive.



• FH2 Inner cover – 6 or 7 frame  + timber plug.


  • Hello Flow crew,
    Just thought I’d let you know we harvested from our Flow for the first time down here in Apollo Bay in Southern Victoria and even though we’ve seen all the videos, we were still gobsmacked when the honey just came pouring out into our jar!

    We got around 10kg after just a month of them using it (getting ready to shut it down for winter) and are enjoying giving away jars to friends. What an amazing innovation – the kids and I harvested in shorts and thongs… here are some pics! 


    Victoria, Australia

  • We harvested honey for the first time today! We harvested 1 frame, it was so easy and the honey is clear and delicious! Definitely loving our Flow Hive!



    Virginia, USA

  • Two days after harvest, bees have already started refilling the frames again!

    We might get a harvest every 3-4 weeks, it appears.

    B Kruse
    California, USA

  • In 2014 I had the pleasure of testing the Flow Frames. The bees quickly accepted them and, in less than two weeks, capped 40 pounds of honey. It was quite exciting to see the first bit of honey appear at the outlet, then make its way down the tube into the jar. Mesmerising.

    John Gates

    26 years with the BC Ministry of Agriculture. Lectured throughout Canada, USA and New Zealand. Beekeeping since 1974 - Canada