Multifunctional Tray

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Need a new base tray for your Flow Hive 2?

This spare Multifunctional Tray is designed as a replacement for the trays included with our Flow Hive 2*. 

The Flow Hive 2 base is designed to accommodate this multifunctional tray, which slides into the base and allows you to trap pests and monitor your colony's health.

The tray can be used to apply pest treatments – such as small hive beetle traps – to the hive and provides a secure space, free from bee activity. You can also use the tray to inspect debris from the hive, giving an insight into hive health.

Two sizes available


*This product is not compatible with the Flow Hive Classic.


  1. Acrylic Multifunctional Tray

- Available in 6 or 7 frame sizing
- Not compatible with the Flow Hive Classic


  • So love the exquisite ease of harvest. Saw variations of honey color as it came out depending on which section it was in. We tell anyone that will listen how great the Flow Hive is...
    We also have the traditional Langwith hives, but there is NO comparision!


    Oregon, USA

  • Mind-blowing! It's not very often something is so revolutionary as to blow my mind. Saving 20 per cent of harvest labor is not trivial; 40 per cent is amazing; 60 per cent is revolutionary. But 95 per cent – that’s mind-boggling!

    Michael Bush

    Author of "Beekeeping Naturally" - USA

  • Completed construction today and all went well, you should be very pleased to know! No problems encountered and the instructions were very clear.

    It looks great and I’m very impressed with the quality of production. Thanks again for a great product.


    Nar Nar Goon, VIC, Australia

  • I can't thank you enough for the creation of flow hive!
    My beekeeping hobby has turned into a family hobby a first for my family.
    Thank you!


    Virginia, USA.