Bee Suit Replacement Hood

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Need a replacement hood for your beekeeper's suit or jacket?

Our Bee Suit Replacement Hood is compatible with our current range of Organic Beekeeper's Suits, Mesh Suits and Jackets.

Important sizing information

Please note: our early suit versions are not compatible with this replacement hood. To check if your existing suit is compatible, please check whether the ring pull on the zipper is attached to the hood or the suit. This replacement hood has the ring pull on the hood.

The product is not suitable for children's or toddlers range of bee protection items.


• This product needs to be used in conjunction with an existing bee suit and does not offer adequate sting prevention as a stand-alone product.

• Not suitable for children's or toddlers range of bee protection items.



  • From Go to Flow in under three months! I have had great success with the Flow Hive- harvested four frames for 12 kg of honey.

    Read, study, use the Flow Forum, follow instructions and you won't have problems putting the Flow Hive together and getting bees to work happily and harvesting with no stress.


    Western Australia

  • I'm very much supportive of the idea to lessen stress for bees and I believe the Flow Hive makes them happier.


    Washington, USA

  • Flow Hive is a very welcoming a user friendly way to start the beekeeping endeavour for complete beginners.
    The rest about beekeeping will follow quite naturally, and more importantly makes everyone involved more aware of nature around us too.
    The Flow Hive lowers the barrier for people to get on with beekeeping.
    That is a great contribution of the Flow Hive.

    Erik A


  • Ok can I just say… you guys freaking ROCK!
    Quick response and awesome answers
    You are exactly how every crowd funding project should go.
    I love my flow hive and show it off to everyone.
    This experience makes me love it even more.


    Brooklyn, Pennsylvania