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Bees and Bargains

Don’t miss your share of the forage this holiday season!

This holiday season we’re celebrating the fascinating world of bees by sharing some of our favourite bee facts and releasing a new STRICTLY LIMITED offer every couple of days — keep an eye on this page so you don’t miss out.

Check out our sweet deals below, and be sure to get your order in by 16th December* for delivery before 25th December.


 Bee Fact: Even though bees don’t have nostrils, lungs or gills, they breathe through 10 pairs of valves on their body. These valves, called spiracles, are located on the sides of their body; three pairs on the thorax, six on the abdomen and one pair hidden within the sting chamber. Though it may appear that the bee is panting, this motion is actually the bee drawing in air through it’s spiracles which is then vacuumed into a complex structure of tracheae and air sacs. 

Bees can suffocate from the use of common pesticides in gardens as it coats a bee’s body and blocks off their vents, making them unable to draw oxygen. 

Care for the bees and make clean, green choices this holiday season, and remember to breathe.


Bees and Bargains

Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 6 Frame

Harvest honey on tap with this popular Australian-made Flow Hive.

Pay only $534 - SAVE $95

Use the coupon code ARA6BUZZ to claim this deal.

First 50 orders only. 
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Bees and Bargains

Flow Hive Hybrid Araucaria 3 Frame

Get the best of both worlds with honey on tap
and fresh honeycomb!

Pay only $449 - SAVE $50 Use the coupon code HYBRIDBUZZ at checkout. First 30 orders only. 
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Bees and Bargains

Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 7 Frame

Store even more honey with our 7 frame Flow Hive!
Compatible with Langstroth 10 frame equipment

Pay only $599 - SAVE $100

Use the coupon code ARA7BUZZ to claim this deal.

First 50 orders only. 
Sorry, no rainchecks.


Bees and Bargains

Bee Jacket - Ventilated Mesh

Stay cool in your apiary with this ventilated mesh beekeeping jacket

Pay only $95 - SAVE $24, that's 20% off!  Use the coupon code JACKETBUZZ to claim this deal. First 50 orders only. 


Bees and Bargains

The original Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6 Frame

Harvest honey on tap with our classic Flow Hive.

Pay only $599 - SAVE $100
Use the coupon code CEDAR6BUZZ to claim this deal.

First 50 orders only. 
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Bee thoughtful with our Flow Gift Cards

Missed the holiday season shipping deadline?
Don't worry, we have plenty of perfect presents waiting to be hatched at
just the right time.

Our Flow Gift Cards are instant – no shipping required.


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Flow Hive 2 Araucaria

We have 50 available for delivery by December 25th!
FREE Leg Kit, Flow Veil & Harvesting Shelf - Save $133
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* Our shipping agent's postal bees will be doing all they can to get your deliveries out as quickly as possible, however, for many regions it is unlikely that orders placed after December 16th will be delivered before December 25th.
Double check our comprehensive regional shipping deadlines to ensure you order in time for delivery before December 25th.


T's & C's

Please note, these offers are SO AMAZING that they cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. You can only use one discount code per order, so if you want to take advantage of more than one of these sweet deals you will need to place multiple orders. See the full Ts & Cs here

Honey on tap directly from your beehive

Turn the Flow Key and watch as pure, untouched, unprocessed, untreated honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar!

Why get a Flow Hive?

Bees are fascinating!

Watch through the side and rear window and see all the girls making honey!
There are just so many intriguing things that bees do - the learning never ends.

Delicious honey, directly into your jars

Easily harvest pure, unheated, unprocessed, untouched, raw delicious honey directly from the hive! No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment, and much more gentle on the bees than conventional harvesting.
With Flow, you can fill just one small jar from part of a frame and bring it straight to the kitchen for breakfast, or harvest one or more Flow Frames and share it with your friends!

Isolate all the different flavours of the seasons

Because you can harvest single frames directly into your honey jar, you get to taste all the different flavours of the seasons without the blending, heating and oxidisation associated with conventional harvesting methods.
Bees tend to fill frames one at a time, so each Flow Frame will reflect the flowers that were blooming when it was filled, allowing distinctive variations in colour and flavour to shine through.

Share the experience with your friends

With Flow, harvesting honey is now something you can easily do with friends and family.
To share the experience and gift honey to your friends is one of the great things about keeping bees.

Pollination. Education. Wonder!

Bees play a huge role in pollinating the food we eat.
Keeping bees brings awareness to the cycle of life we all depend on.


How It Works

Our invention - the biggest innovation in beekeeping for 150 years - was originally launched in 2015 through a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign.

“This has all come about because of our love for the bees and an acknowledgement of how important they are, not only to the food we eat, but to all life on Earth.”
- Stuart Anderson

“If we look after the bees, they’ll look after us. And the honey really is an amazing bonus.”
- Cedar Anderson

It’s hard to think of a more rewarding hobby than beekeeping.
However, extracting honey from a conventional hive used to be a real labor of love.

It was hot, sticky, heavy work, involving special equipment and lots of squashed bees.

Not anymore!

After a decade of tinkering, my dad Stu and I invented the beekeeper’s dream – the Flow Hive.

It’s so much easier for the beekeeper and so much gentler on the bees - making harvesting honey as simple as turning a tap and watching as up to 6.5lb of pure fresh honey pours out into your jar from each Flow Frame.

And because it’s completely unprocessed, the honey tastes amazingly good!

How Flow Frame works

New to beekeeping?

Great! The world needs more people caring for the bees!

If you are new to beekeeping, learning everything about looking after your bees is a fascinating and truly rewarding journey. They are amazing little creatures, and the learning never ends.

Flow is here to help you on your journey, we have video resources, educational material, regular live Q&As with Cedar (the inventor), a vibrant Flow community on the forum—you are not alone.

Check out our new to beekeeping blog for some handy hints and resources.

Flow is such a great way to get started. You can focus on getting to know your new bees and the harvesting is gentle and easy. Less labour, more love!

Terms & Conditions

  • Bees & Bargains offers are strictly limited (we won’t limit your bees, but the bargains are definitely limited).

  • Each offer has a set quantity of discount coupons available, once they have all been claimed the coupon code will cease to work at checkout and the deal is no longer valid from this time.

  • All offers expire at Midnight December 16 PST if not sold out beforehand (we are pretty sure that most of them will sell out first).

  • Bees & Bargains offers are not available with any other offer or coupon code.

  • Delivery for items purchased by December 16 is expected before December 25 based on holiday shipping schedules provided by our shipping partners.

  • Please note, while we will do everything we can to deliver on time, any unforeseen delays in shipping during the holiday season are the responsibility of the shipping carrier (try as we might, we just can’t control how quickly they drive).

  • Please click here for local shipping information