Flow's Annual Yard Sale!

Now's the perfect time to get started or stock up

Summer has arrived and hives are buzzing! Even if you are just getting started, now is a great time to add a Flow Super to an existing hive.

If you're not yet the proud owner of a Flow Hive—there's still plenty of time to set up a colony with a hive split or swarm, you may even still find bee suppliers with mid-season nucs available.  

Our Yard Sale has some great bargains for beginner or experienced beekeepers, with savings on selected Flow Hives & Supers of up to 25%! Quantities are strictly limited with some items already selling out. Don't miss your chance to save big until June 21. 

Flow's Annual Yard Sale!

Up to 25% off!


Until June 21, we are offering huge
discounts on selected Flow Hives and Flow Supers, with our discount coupon: YardSale2018

On Sale Now

Flow's Annual Yard Sale!

Up to 25% off Flow Hives

Our Scratch & Dent Flow Hive Classic 6 frame in Western Red Cedar has already sold out due to popular demand. We still have a limited quantity of Flow Hives Classics still in stock—use the coupon code YardSale2018 to take 10% offdon't miss this great price!

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On Sale Now

Flow's Annual Yard Sale!

Up to 25% on Flow Supers

Never harvested honey using Flow technology, but have existing Langstroth hives? Pick up a Flow Super at a super special price!

Use the coupon code YardSale2018 to take a further 10% off  Flow Super Western Red Cedar 6 frame. That's a huge saving of 25% off!

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Limited Quantity

Flow's Annual Yard Sale!


Our Flow Hive Classic 6 Scratch & Dent and Super Classic Cedar 7 frame have 
already sold out due to popular demand.

Don't miss out on other great specials!

What's happening in your yard?

Just like all beekeepers, at Flow, we are constantly learning from our beekeeping community—every backyard is different and every beehive is different.

For the month of June, we will be sharing some of our favourite beekeeping tips and we would also love to know what's happening in your backyard bee-wise. So please share your own stories—what's in flower in your region or what are you noticing about your local pollinators.


Flow's Annual Yard Sale!

*Terms & Conditions:

  • Use 10% discount voucher: YardSale2018 to redeem 10% off selected on sale items only (including some products at already reduced pricing to obtain a total of up to 25% off).
  • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Offer excludes Flow Hive 2, bundles, shipping, brood boxes, vouchers, spares and items not listed in the Yard Sale. 
  • Limited quantities available, while our stock lasts (it’s just what’s in the Flow Yard!), once items have sold out no rain checks will be available.
  • Available until midnight on Thursday 21st June.