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Brood Box – Flow Hive 2+

Our top-of-the-line brood box, manufactured in premium western red cedar.

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What size Brood Box do I need?

Need a 10 frame brood box ASAP?
Check our Flow Hive brood boxes in Araucaria wood

Premium wood, precision cut
Sustainably made

Manufactured in the same style as those included with our Flow Hive 2+, these premium western red cedar brood boxes are manufactured in Langstroth deep 8 or 10 frame sizing.

They can be used for brood, or as an additional conventional honey super.

The brood box includes our unique V™ design which also doubles as a feature handle. 8 foundationless brood frames are also included for the bees to naturally build their brood comb. The brood frames are also built to accommodate wax and wire or plastic foundation if you wish.

Made in Australia from durable, sustainably sourced western red cedar, these brood boxes are the ideal addition to any existing hive set-up.

What size do I need?

– Our 8 Frame Brood Box is compatible with the 6 Frame Flow hive.
– Our 10 Frame Brood Box is compatible with the 7 Frame Flow hive.


Our Flow Frames are slightly wider than traditional wooden brood frames, so less of them are required to fill the super in a hive in comparison to brood frames in the brood box.

– Our 8 Frame Brood Box is compatible with the 6 Frame Flow hive.
– Our 10 Frame Brood Box is compatible with the 7 Frame Flow hive.

This brood box is also designed to be compatible with Langstroth hives – please check specific dimensions on our brood box comparison table.


“This has all come about because of our love for the bees and an acknowledgement of how important they are, not only to the food we eat, but to all life on Earth.”

- Stuart Anderson

“If we look after the bees, they’ll look after us. And the honey really is an amazing bonus.”

- Cedar Anderson

It is important to understand some basic safety guidelines to ensure that your beekeeping experience is a safe and positive one.
Check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.
We recommend you paint or stain your Flow Hive.


Shipping dates:

8 Brood Frames: Estimated shipping: early May
10 Brood Frames: Estimated shipping: early May

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