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Flow Entrance Reducer

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The Flow Entrance Reducer is handy for protecting your colony against predators and robbing, especially when they are getting established, or for reducing drafts in cold climates and can be used to seal the hive entrance for short periods when relocating your hive.

How to use your Entrance Reducer
Entrance Reducers are designed to narrow the entry point of the hive. This can be useful for protecting your hive against predators or robbing colonies, as this allows the guard bees to more effectively control who enters the hive.

They can also be helpful in cold climates for reducing drafts and snow from entering the hive throughout the cooler months.

Designed with two functions: 

  • As an entrance reducer – with entry point facing down, covering the hive opening on the landing board. 
  • As an entrance seal – with the entry point facing up, achieving a completely closed surface which prevents entry or exit from the hive. This feature is useful when moving your hive or sealing the hive to apply external treatments.

Note: If moving your hive, use the extra holes provided to screw the entrance reducer firmly in place to avoid the risk of movement. It is important to only seal your hive for short periods of time to avoid overheating and stress to your colony.


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