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Inner Cover

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Need a spare inner cover for your Flow Hive or Super Classic?

Compatible with the Flow Hive/Super Classic, Flow Super Hybrid and with 8 or 10 frame Langstroth hives, this inner cover comes with a central hole should you need to feed your bees in lean times. You have the option of covering this hole with mesh to allow for ventilation and control bee access to your roof cavity or leave it open if you would like to allow your bees to build honeycomb in the roof.

Inner Cover Compatibility:

Araucaria 6: Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 6, Flow Super Araucaria 6, Flow Super Hybrid Araucaria 3

Araucaria 7: Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 7, Flow Super Araucaria 7, Flow Super Hybrid Araucaria 4