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Beekeeping Smoker

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  • Beekeeping Smoker

    Greetings from denmark. You did it - now we know it works. We just did the first harvest last weekend. Harvesting approx 10 kg honey.

    The only thing was that it didn't last for longer because it was so funny and a great joy that we have looked forward to for a long time. We even kept a close eye on the frame close to the inspection window and was surprised to see NOTHING happening when we opened the cells..

    Britta & Jens

  • Beekeeping Smoker

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to totally revolutionise an industry. And, yes, I want a Flow Hive!

    Peter Dawson
    P J Dawson & Associates, business development, Australia and Asia. Author of "Creative Capital"

Stainless Steel with Ventilated Insert

A quality smoker is a must-have in every beekeeper’s kit.

Featuring the Flow logo on its bellows, with this quality, stainless steel smoker you’ll be able to calm your colony in style.

Perfect for beginners with small apiaries, this great value smoker features a hook at the back, allowing you to safely hang it up while you tend to your hive, a ventilated insert for better air flow and a wire guard to protect you against burns.

You can learn about using your smoker safely in this Flow sponsored Beekeeping Safety pamphlet.


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  • Beekeeping Smoker


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